Art + Tech Student Selections

2021 Summer Camp Programme

Online Exhibition

Summer 2021, over 60 students attended the BNG Art + Tech summer camp programme. Under the direction of new Education Officer Rehana Packwood, students aged 11 to 14 explored a range of digital art making techniques, from animation and photography to digital painting and collage.

Each armed with an Apple Pencil and iPad, students worked from a newly opened pop-up satellite education space across the road from Bermuda National Gallery, generously supported by Washington Properties.

In this online exhibition, we have brought together a selection of student works created over the course of the summer.

Digital art making was new to most of the students who attended the Art + Tech summer camp. The programme, which ran over the course of the summer, was divided into a series of different modules, allowing students to choose one aspect to focus on during their time with BNG.

Digital Art Fundamentals: In this introduction to digital art making, students experimented with Procreate, visiting the Par-La-Ville Sculpture Park as inspiration for projects.

Animation: Students in this class explored the principles of animation, starting with basic animation exercises before developing original animation projects of their own.

Photo Editing & Collage: In this class, students experimented with different digital photography techniques and photobashing – combining several photographs and adding layers of colour.

Digital painting: Inspired by one of our current exhibitions, Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape, students explored digital painting techniques with a field trip to paint from nature in Barr’s Bay Park.