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Final Weeks

This is your last chance to see Illusion and Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape and The Shadow Land: Cape Dorset Prints from the Bacardi Collection, which will be closing on Saturday, January 22.

Illusion and Abstraction

Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape looks at how the landscape, once taken for granted, has taken on new meaning and re-ignited our imagination as we continue to navigate the Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing travel restrictions. 

Curated by Mitchell Klink, the exhibition provides the opportunity to see how others experience our shared world and encourages us to consider other perspectives; and, perhaps, see the world anew ourselves.

The exhibition is supported by SolTerra Landscape and Design with education programming sponsored by AXIS

The Shadow Land

Focusing on stone cut prints from the 1960s, The Shadow Land: Cape Dorset Prints from the Bacardi Collection presents artworks produced by the first generation of full time Inuit artists, including Kenojuak Ashevak and Pitseolak Ashoona, two of Canada’s most esteemed artists. 

Produced in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, in the Arctic Territories of Canada, which is considered the epicenter of printmaking and contemporary Inuit art, the exhibition presents a visual history of their culture and captures the strong bonds that the Inuit share with their ancestral homelands.

The exhibition is sponsored by Bacardi Limited with support from the Canadian Consul.

BNG Kids Activity Books

BNG Kids Activity Books to accompany both Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape and The Shadow Land: Cape Dorset Prints from the Bacardi Collection are available in the gallery and can also be downloaded on the exhibition pages.

The booklets, which are free, encourage children aged 11 to 14 to explore the exhibitions independently and learn through art