BNG Kids

Art + Tech Summer Camp

Student Artworks

As Bermuda’s public schools set to reopen tomorrow after a historic 6 month closure enforced by the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of Hurricane Paulette, we look back at some of the artworks produced in the Bermuda National Gallery 2020 Art + Tech Summer Camp Programme.

Over 60 students attended the programme over the course of the summer, using the current exhibitions as a starting point for their projects: the 2020 Bermuda Biennial: Let Me Tell You Something, What’s Poppin’! Pop Art And Its Influence and Land & Sea: Fragile Treasures.

Students explored a variety of art making skills – from traditional techniques such as drawing, sculpture, printmaking and textiles to digital technologies such as stop motion animation and digital drawing, often fusing the two together.

Top: digital photograph by Deandra Kellyman.
Above: collage by Gianna Sabean.
Landscape by Sarah Haziza.
Screenprint by Samantha Binega.
Stop motion animation by Anna Stephenson and Reese Morbey.
Digital photograph by River De Couto.
Digital drawing by Max Kempe.
Collage by Zoraiz Umer.
Landscape by Reese Morbey.

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