Meet our Interns

BNG Internship Programme

The Bermuda National Gallery Internship Programme provides paid opportunities for people aged 18–25 and training in all aspects of museum operations. The 2022 programme is generously sponsored by Zurich Bermuda (a member of the Zurich Insurance Group). 

As a small team, interns play a key role in the smooth running of BNG. We’d like to extend a big thank you to Yasmin Eve-Townsend who spent the summer with us, and welcome Julia Cox who joins us for next 3 months. 

Julia (above) recently graduated from the Arts University of Bournemouth with a BA (Hons) in Photography and is looking to gain an in-depth understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at an art gallery. With an interest in curation, she will be assisting the team as they prepare for our upcoming exhibitions.  

A graduate of Bermuda College and the Berkeley Institute, Yasmin (below) is currently completing a placement year as part of a BA (Honours) degree in Film at the University of Kent. We caught up with her as she prepares to return to university, to discuss what it was like to assist on the installation of the Bermuda Biennial and A Personal Perspective: Photographs by Richard Saunders and find out what she has learnt from her internship. 

Top: Julia Cox recently graduated from the Arts University Bounemouth and is interning at BNG for the next 3 months. Above: Yasmin Eve-Townsend just finished a summer placement at the gallery and is returning to the University of Kent. 

BNG: What have you been working on during your time at the Bermuda National Gallery?

YET: When I started here in June, we were in the middle of setting up the 2022 Bermuda Biennial, so helping with the installation was the first thing I did. After the exhibition opened, I was given the task of uploading the online exhibition that goes with it. I then did the same for A Personal Perspective: Photographs by Richard Saunders when that opened. Most recently, I’ve done a lot of research for an upcoming exhibition.

BNG: What has been the most interesting part of your exhibition and why?

YET: I’ve really enjoyed learning about all of the different artists that are exhibited here. I genuinely didn’t think that I would learn this much about art in general during my internship! I feel like I’ve learnt so much. I would say that before, my knowledge about fine art was at zero and now I feel like I have a base. I’m also a lot more interested in it than I was before.

Yasmin assists Lara Hetzel, BNG’s Volunteer and Operations Officer, with the lighting for A Personal Perspective: Photographs by Richard Saunders.

BNG: What has surprised you about working at the Bermuda National Gallery?

YET: I’ve been surprised about the amount the work that goes into curating. All of the artworks are placed in a very specific way and everything in the gallery is there to create a better flow between artworks and to ensure that whoever is walking through the gallery has the best experience they can. There is a lot of care and consideration that goes into what is showcased.

BNG: In what ways has the work placement helped you in terms of you career path and next steps?

YET: This was my first internship and it feels like it has laid a lot of groundwork for any future experiences that I’ll have working with a team in a creative field. It was a really good experience and well rounded as well. I’ve become very interested in curating and I would enjoy interning at a museum or art gallery again.

The BNG Internship Programme provides paid opportunities for people aged 18 – 25 and training in all aspects of museum operations. For further information email Peter Lapsley at