Peaceful Art Protest

Black Lives Matter

There are times in each generation when collective action generates fundamental change. Where injustice is recognised and acted upon and the outcomes move our society forward to a better, more just position. 

It is with a great deal of hope that our community came together this past weekend to protest systemic injustices on communities of colour in the largest gathering of its kind in memory. It is with anticipation that we look forward to the kind of progressive change that is being loudly and rightly demanded.

Artists and children alike have been showing their support for Black Lives Matter, now the largest civil rights movement in history, through a peaceful art protest. The project, which showcases their solidarity through art, aims to unite all artworks in a larger collaborative collaged artwork expressing unity for the cause.

To be included in the project, email a photograph of the artwork to

Top image: Riketa Pavy. Above: Meredith Andrews.
William and Lucy Leman
Lynn Furtardo
Katarina Rance
Liz Andrade Arnold
Lucy Leman

The full selection of artworks submitted to the Peaceful Art Protest can be viewed HERE