Photography Group

Join the Lenzcrafterz

We recently worked with photographer Dion Easton and videographer Moss to capture our current exhibitions. Both artists are members of the LenzCrafterz, a group which organises photography meetups and challenges for photo enthusiasts who want to develop their passion in an inclusive way. It is also a community where beginners can find advice, tips, or feedback on their newfound hobby.

Top: Photograph by Kamryn Minors (@kamrynminorsphotography)
Above: Photograph by Dion Easton (@DionTheCreative)

LenzCrafterz was started in 2017 by Kamryn Minors and Ra’ees Tankard. Their aim was to develop their photography skills while enjoying the creative process. Since then the group has expanded to about 10 people, started a bi weekly photo challenge and the continued their photo meetups.

Follow @lnzcrftrz on Instagram for updates on challenges and meetups. The group next plan to meet at sunset on December 28 (Boxing Day Observed). Send them a DM if you would like to participate!