Mural Proposals

BNG Run For The Arts 5k

Mural Proposals

Application deadline: Sunday, March 26.

Sunday, April 23 marks the inaugural BNG 5k Run for the Arts, sponsored by Chubb. The project — a collaboration between Bermuda National Gallery and photographer Nhuri Bashir — aims to encourage and engage the local community through exercise, art and education.

Funds raised will be used to support art initiatives in the North-East Hamilton area, in which Bashir grew up, financing a vibrant public art programme with the installation of up to three large-scale murals in the area to highlight and promote these communities.

The successful artists will receive $1000 payment for their design as well as additional funding to support the execution of their concept. Three sites have been identified as potential mural locations, local residents and business owners having offered their properties, free of charge: 

1 – Belvin’s Variety on Happy Valley Road, at intersection with Cherry Hill: one or more of the white arches roadside
2 – Pembroke Laundromat on Parsons Road: 35ft wall adjacent to laundromat, leading to Rambling Lane
3 – Pembroke Park Playground Bathroom on Parsons Road, opposite the newly built Transformational Living Centre for Families

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Run for the Arts public art programme. This mural application process is now closed. Please subscribe to the BNG mailing list to ensure that you hear about future public art opportunities.