BNG 25th Anniversary First Day Cover Stamp Set


A unique Bermuda gift for the stamp collector in your life: the Bermuda National Gallery marked its 25th anniversary in 2017 with a collection of four stamps, with imagery chosen to highlight the diversity of the island’s art scene and the BNG’s collections

The set of stamps features a 50c stamp with a 1917 painting by American artist William Howe Foote called Old Bermuda House. The original oil painting was a gift from the late David White, a former editor of The Royal Gazette, to the gallery’s Bermuda Collection.

The $1.25 stamp has a contemporary still life, the 12-colour screen print Cerise by Janet Fish, who grew up in Bermuda, while the 1761 work, Lady Monnoux, née Elizabeth Riddell, by acclaimed English artist Sir Joshua Reynolds is used for a $1.35 stamp. The commemorative collection is rounded off with a $1.55 stamp with an image of a wooden mask from the Bamum peoples of Cameroon.

Featured on the first day cover is Self Portrait, a 2007 digital photograph by local artist Alan C. Smith.

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