2020 Bermuda Biennial

Let Me Tell You Something The Bermuda National Gallery is open every Thursday and Friday from 10am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. If you haven’t already seen the 2020 Bermuda Biennial in person, we urge you to do so. The Biennial, now in its 14th iteration, is a critical platform for Bermuda’s contemporary art community. Organised by the Bermuda

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World Mental Health Day

Explore Mindfulness This Saturday, October 10 has been designated World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organization. Recognising that the past six months have been incredibly challenging for everyone, we will be hosting a free community event at the Bermuda National Gallery to explore the connections between art and mental wellbeing and the benefits of both mindfulness and yoga.  The afternoon will begin with a tour of the current exhibitions with BNG trustee

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Bermuda National Gallery watercolour

Hurricane Watching

John Gardner Hurricane watching is a Bermudian ritual; the irresistible pull to the ocean front a staunch reminder of the sheer force of nature and our vulnerability in the face of it.   Many rushed to the beaches to watch the towering swells created by Hurricane Teddy roll in earlier this week; the age old tradition given a renewed potency

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Art + Tech Summer Camp

Student Artworks As Bermuda’s public schools set to reopen tomorrow after a historic 6 month closure enforced by the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of Hurricane Paulette, we look back at some of the artworks produced in the Bermuda National Gallery 2020 Art + Tech Summer Camp Programme. Over 60 students attended the programme over the course of the summer,

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BNG Youth Arts Council

Fall Programme Registration is now open for the fall semester of the Bermuda National Gallery Youth Arts Council. Starting October 10th, students will meet in the gallery every Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm for a dynamic programme led by artist and educator Sarai Hines. The BNG Youth Arts Council explores the topics of the day through the lens of art and art-making. Students engage in discussions with

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Learning With Art

Bermuda Arts Council Student Grant Awards Bermuda National Gallery education initiatives are designed to provide opportunities for creative and independent thinking through an exchange of ideas and art education. Alongside technical skills, students develop art appreciation, critical thinking skills and creative problem solving. Two former BNG education students were recently awarded Bermuda Arts Council Student Grant Awards. $10,000 went to

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Interview: Emma Steele

Strength In Vulnerability Emma Steele uses textiles to challenge preconceived notions of craft based practices, drawing from a place of strength to express a feminist directive. Her 2020 Bermuda Biennial artwork, which explores sex from a woman’s point of view, roots the traditional medium firmly in a contemporary context.   “Experiences leave impressions. The impressions are the aftermath.” explains Emma

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Dog Days Of Summer

Catherine Draycott The long, languorous days of summer sing from the pages of Llewellyn Emery’s acclaimed children’s books Nothin’ But A Pond Dog and The Fires of Pembroke. Catherine Draycott’s accompanying illustrations capture the idle joy of the school break and the boundless imagination that can be sparked only by empty weeks stretching endlessly ahead. The autobiographical books, which recall Llewellyn’s childhood growing up near

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The Haze Of Memory

Catherine White Catherine White describes her 2020 Bermuda Biennial artwork as a prologue to her life. The piece was inspired by a roll of undeveloped film that she found shortly after the death of her father. In developing the film, Catherine discovered a series of portraits of family and friends that her father had taken before she was born. The

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Summer Camp Portfolio

Art + Tech Programme The students in the Bermuda National Gallery Art + Tech Summer Camp have been exploring a wide range of art making processes under the direction of education officer Louisa Bermingham.  Using the exhibitions on display as a starting point for their projects, the students have been focusing on a variety of art making skills – from traditional techniques such as drawing,

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