Volunteer Opportunities

Join the BNG Family

Volunteers are integral to the growth and ongoing work of the Bermuda National Gallery. Our volunteers bring skills and knowledge that complement and supplement those of the staff — their passion and insight enhance the work we do in every way.

Presently, we have volunteers that serve as front desk hosts, event staff and that assist with exhibition installation needs, along with committee and board members who also volunteer their time. Moving forward, we’re eager to expand upon volunteer support surrounding gallery docent tours, graphic design, photography and videography, outreach and fundraising, curatorial and administrative projects and BNG education programmes.

It’s a great time to get on board as a BNG volunteer — whatever your availability, background and experience, there is a niche to suit your skills and interests somewhere at the gallery!

Our new Volunteer and Operations Officer Lara Hetzel is currently recruiting. We sat down with her to discuss how volunteering at BNG can support the gallery and help to develop new skills in those who volunteer their time.

Top: Gherdai Hassell gives the Bermuda National Gallery volunteers a preview of her solo exhibition I Am Because You Are.
Above: Volunteer and Operations Officer Lara Hetzel.

BNG: You’ve joined the gallery at a very busy time! We have just opened two new exhibitions. How have you spent your first month?

LH: It has certainly been an exciting time to join the BNG team! Although the front doors were closed for most of February, a great deal was going on behind the scenes. My very first week was dedicated to deinstalling the BNG’s previous exhibitions (the 2020 Bermuda Biennial, and What’s Poppin’! Pop Art and Its Influence), which was followed by a quick pivot to the install of the new shows (I Am Because You Are, and Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape).

I’ve also been meeting the fantastic current volunteers and learning the ropes with regards to the day-to-day needs of the gallery. My experience has been very hands-on from day one!

BNG: Part of your role is to support the daily operations of the gallery. What aspects of this have you been most struck by since joining the team?

LH: I’ve found that “daily operations” at BNG can be wide-ranging: everything from overseeing the gallery’s physical facilities, to liaising with artists and lenders, to photographing artwork for the gallery’s online exhibition portal, to scheduling the volunteer calendar.

Due to my role, I’m lucky to have a hand in every pot, and to have the opportunity to work closely with staff, volunteers, external contractors and the general public. While the full-time staff are a small (but mighty!) group, so many people play a vital role in the Bermuda National Gallery’s operations and I’ve been struck by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved with the gallery.

BNG: Do you hope to recruit more volunteers? What sort of support/ skill sets are you looking for?

LH: It’s a great time to join the BNG as a volunteer — there are lots of opportunities whatever your availability, background and experience.

I’m also excited to work directly with our new Education Officer to build up the volunteer opportunities available at the gallery for students, many of whom now seek out community service as part of their education.

BNG: Volunteers often lead docent tours and assist at events. As Bermuda tackles the ongoing Covid pandemic, how do you see volunteer opportunities affected?

LH: Like all cultural institutions locally and overseas, BNG has had to adjust to the “new normal” under Covid-19. With staggered time slots, social distancing and limited admission, we’ve been fortunate to be able to safely host openings, talks and tours surrounding our new exhibitions, supported by volunteers, and hope to continue in the future, as appropriate with current restrictions.

With an increased focus on digital access, the gallery has also been exploring live-streamed events (as with artist Gherdai Hassell’s recent talk — still archived on our Instagram page), and expanded online exhibition coverage, among other initiatives. There’s a great opportunity for volunteers with digital and social media experience to meaningfully contribute to that work.

BNG: In what ways can volunteering at the Bermuda National Gallery help to support someone’s personal goals and/or develop their resume?

LH: We hope that volunteers with BNG find the experience mutually rewarding! In addition to the satisfaction of meaningfully contributing to their community and engaging with the richness of the Bermudian and global arts scene, we aim to supplement our volunteers’ own development through cultural programming, such as exclusive volunteer previews and exhibition walk-throughs with BNG artists, and a fulfilling range of embedded opportunities and projects.

Volunteering is a great way to explore and develop your own skills and interests, at any age!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Bermuda National Gallery, please contact with a brief summary of your interests and availability.