Learning With Art

Youth Arts Council

Spring Semester

Classes for the Bermuda National Gallery Youth Arts Council resume this Saturday, 27th February. Led by artist and educator Sarai Hines, the free programme, which is aimed at students age 13 to 17, provides teens with opportunities for creative and independent thinking by engaging with the arts and culture of today.

Students explore the topics of the day through the lens of art and art making, meet artists and makers and learn to creatively problem solve. This semester, the focus is on the elements of art making that go beyond the gallery and exhibition space.

The goal is to provide an understanding of the many varied roles that are found behind the scenes and support artists in their vision: from the studio to the printers, how an exhibition is curated and the research and writing that go into it.

The programme aims to show students that there are many ways to be involved with the arts, wherever your artistic strengths and interests may lie.

The class meets in the gallery every Saturday morning from 10am to 12.00pm. Registration is free. Click here to sign up.